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Uzbekistan trip and travel

      However, despite the declared declaration on power importance of these regions for the American economy, it is obvious enough, that the USA on intermediate term prospect namereny first of all to establish and strengthen the strategic presence at the Central Asia which more and more becomes a necessary element of the American strategy concerning China, Russia, Southern Asia and Afghanistan, and also the Average and the Near East.

2.3. The Chinese foreign policy in the Central Asia: new tendencies

      Disorder of the USSR, certainly, was the event which has begun a new historical stage of development of relations between the countries of the Central Asia and the Peoples Republic of China. TSAR it is included by Beijing in so-called sphere of "external" strategic boundaries of the Peoples Republic of China which directly infringes on its national-state interests.

      Spending the foreign policy in relation to region, China basically adheres to reserved foreign policy tactics traditional for the Chinese state. Beijing, defending the interests on the international political arena, does not spend a rigid course, preferring in some cases to sustain a tactical pause, operating concerning TSA not ordinary enough foreign policy methods, bringing to Beijing strategic dividends without strain of relations with the new states of region.


Towers of Uzbekistan: Round 05
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: Tashkent Airport Tashkent, select and guide to accompany you to the town. The agreement at the hotel. Lunch is 19:00. This night will be held at the hotel.
Day 2: Breakfast is at 8:00. After breakfast go to the airport. Morning flight to Urgench. Urgench will go Xivu of the hotel. At present, the places Xivı: Ichan-Kala architectural ensemble (in 1219 c). - A UNESCO World Heritage area - Ismail Khodja mausoleum of Muhammad Amin Khan madrassah, including the residence of the khan. Lunch during the day. This night the hotel is organized Xive.
Day 3: After breakfast leave Xivı and Bukhara (6:00) motion. Lunch on the way. Arrival in Bukhara. Lunch is 19:00. Bukhara is the hotel that night.
Day 4: Breakfast is at 8:00. We will have a period of Bukhara: Ismail mausoleum Samonid (Samani dynasty founder Ismail Samani graves of 10 century), KALONA KALONA Mosque Minaret Spread drink, Arabic Madrassa Reconciles all home Lyabi Fortress craft (home to the rulers of Bukhara), Cadet Choir. Lunch during the day. Lunch is 19:00. Bukhara is the hotel that night.
Day 5: After breakfast towards Nurata. The old mosque in the holy water and the sacred fish of the old ruins of the castle are built by Alexander Velikim. Lunch. Rural Yangigazgan, then Kyzylkum desert continues to yurts in Kazakhstan. As the evening continued camels, to learn. Kazakhstan Kazakhstan national family dinner around the fire singing songs. This is the night of the yurts.
Day 6: Breakfast is at 8:00. We have a camel in Kyzylkum. Aydarkul the lake for the engine. Lunch. After the engine to Samarkand. Arrived in Samarkand. This is a night hotel in Samarkand.
Day 7: Carré known Reqistana (Kori and Ulugbek Madrassa Sherdor till the 17th century to the 15th century), Zinda Shokhi Nekropole (large square: breakfast places in Samarkand, Samarkand After visiting the pilgrimage), the great mosque of Bibi Khanum, Gur Emir mausoleum (where the winner Amir Temur's (Tamerlane), his two sons and two grandchildren, son buried in the 15th century), Ulugbek Observatory remains. Lunch during the day. Lunch is 19:00. This night will be held at the hotel in Samarkand.
Day 8: Breakfast is at 8:00. We Tashkent (4:00) go. Arrival in Tashkent. Regulation of the hotel. Lunch. Tashkent city, the mosque and Kukuldash Khast Imom old part of Tashkent, tour, including visits Chorsu Market - Central Asian Muslims is the official religion of the Barak Khan Madrassa. Lunch is 19:00. At night the hotel is organized in Tashkent.
Day 9: Your guide to meet you at the hotel and then leave for the airport.


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Uzbekistan trips and tours
Best tour in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan tour and travel
The best tours in Uzbekistan
Uzbekistan travel and trip
Uzbekistan trip and tour
The best tour in Uzbekistan



9 - Cultural Memorial Saodat Sultan was developed in the XI-XVII century on the graves sajjidov Termez. He had a number of buildings of worship are taken at different times: the mausoleums and hanagoh mosque built by the perimeter of the yard with the combination of the elongated grains and short compositions. The oldest part was three parts frontalnoj the opening of the southwestern part of the courtyard. Here are two great a camera, square dome of the mausoleum. You have occurred with the opening arc terrace with mihrab in between is used as the niosque prayers for the dead. The researchers of this ancient group in XI-XII centuries (52) or by XI s

Thanks to precise decisions problems of the structure, decoration and volume have the mausoleums were strict, the architectural appearance of great art. The device structure highlighted decorative fired bricks, carefully placed simply on wall surfaces as the "ribbon", "tree" and "belt" of the bands. The walls of the mausoleum was the octahedron the curved row of candles on his large dome formation. The crypts with their eastern facades of adjacent yard decorations had the same production. Each bay facade was decorated three arched flat rectangle box. The architrave, which was decorated with carved details, enhanced three-quarters of the columns. Bases were established very original, where the cost of sacrificing the prism base parts fasadnoj cube had an effect installed on the edge. It should be noted that the type-unusual ETO. rhombic bases hanaqoh s was used early XV inside the complex at-Termizi Hakima. This method, which we only observed Termeze, was one of the features of the architecture. The arched top of the five-level view has been put on the form the "ball". 10 north Mausoleum party inside was more richly adorned, that from the south. Here all four walls are the same decorations were a production by the needle on the bay in the plate. These sheets were placed three quarters of cylindrical columns decode the molded line vote with the diamond, the ring, etc.. within the candle as a hemispherical dome, the upper chamber to the fifth level of the arches and arched bay has emerged under the dome of the corners oktaedricheskih series on wrapper such as spruce, in the bottom of the lining of the walls is increased.