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      The new document qualitatively differs from the previous themes, that it accurately outlines a position of the USA on all most important problems of a world policy, shows, how Washington is intended to build the policy concerning those or other states and regions, gives full enough representation about the purposes, problems, and also methods of their achievement or the decision. Washington has developed a foreign policy programme which concerns not only all system of the international relations and a policy of the USA concerning large powers, but also mentions in one way or another the Central Asia and the Caspian region.

      The given document has even more shown intention of the USA actively to be present at a world policy. It means, that the USA define for themselves a role of leading power in the world which, owing to the "unprecedented" military, political and economic power, should conduct behind itself all other states and form a world order on the discretion.

      According to new strategy of national safety henceforth the USA will operate more masshtabno, is resolute and if it is necessary, is independent for maintenance of national safety and protection of the interests worldwide. For achievement of the purposes of the USA will combine military, political and economic means.

      For tsentralnoaziatskih the states the important point of "Strategy" is firm intention of the USA not to leave out of a zone of the strategic influence regions of the Central Asia and Caspian sea. In particular, in the sixth section of strategy it is spoken about "strengthening of power safety of the USA" at the expense of deliveries of power resources, including from the Central Asia and the Caspian region.

Towers of Uzbekistan: Round 03
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: Tashkent Airport Tashkent, select and guide to accompany you to the town. The agreement at the hotel. Lunch is 19:00. This night will be held at the hotel.
Day 2: After breakfast, flight to Urgench. Arrival in Urgench, the hotel Xive go. The program has led to Xive places to visit. UNESCO World Heritage site Ichan-Qala fortress visit. Leisure day. Lunch is 19:00. This night will be held at the hotel.
Day 3: We (500 km, 7 hours) Xivı start and go to Bukhara. On the way stop to see the Amudarya River. Arrival to Bukhara today. Leisure. This night will be held at the hotel.
Day 4: After visiting places of Bukhara Breakfast. Samani dynasty mausoleum, Arc Fortress, Chashma-Ayub, KALONA the visit of Arab mosques, madrasas Reconciles Magoki-Attori. This night will be held at the hotel.
Day 5: We tour in Bukhara. Sitorai-Mokhikhosa emirs of Bukhara, Chor-Bakr Summer Palace and the visit to the mausoleum of the Naqshbandi Bakhoutdin. Free day in Bukhara. This is a night hotel.
Day 6: Breakfast at the train through the desert camp near Bukhara and rural Kyzylkum Yangigazgan in advance. On the way to visit the holy water of the local mosque and a pottery workshop Gijduvan stop Nurata owners. Camel and leisure travelers. Kazakh folk songs with singers in the vicinity of the camp, away from the family dinner tonight. Lunch is 19:00.
Day 7: After breakfast, unique lakes in the desert, please Aidarkul. Recreation on the lake. Leave the camp to go home on the day of Samarkand. Arrival to Samarkand, the hotel has been saved. Leisure time. Lunch is 19:00. This night will be held at the hotel.
Day 8: We will visit places in Samarkand. Bibi-Khanum Mosque Square Reqistana to the ruins, cemeteries and Shaki-Zinda Gur-Emir Mausoleum, Ulugbek observatory. Leisure day. This night will be held at the hotel.
Day 9: After breakfast move to Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent, the hotel has to. Visit to Tashkent, the Municipal Assembly and Imom Khast market Chor-Su, Museum of Applied Arts, Amir Temur Square, the center of the old part of the Independence Square in Tashkent. Lunch is 19:00. This night will be held at the hotel.
Day 10: guide to meet you at the hotel and then leave for the airport.

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8 - It's been a century and a half for the city to regenerate itself, first as the capital of the great Tamerlane, the universe Shejker, as well cultural and scientific center of this medieval low-power Ulugbeka, Tamerlane grandson of the author. Now Samarkand is the place where the unique spirit of antiquity are strictly maintained. The original combination of magnificent monuments and amazing wealth of cultural traditions prove urgently newcomers.

In general, the turns of Samarkand and group and individual turns, focus on the Registan area. The area was made the center of Samarkand in the times of Timur Amira. Here the heralds king declared the will of heartless soldier under the measure beat sounds huge (djarchi). Here, public executions were organized, presented the beginning of the war the successful statements invasions and military controls. Triumphal Emperor and his army came through the area, through the countries conquered by the countless treasures captured multitudes of slaves, and the heads of the enemies have long spears.

Three beautiful Muslim Council Seminars are located here.

More first as head of the foundation of the Muslim seminar teaching Ulugbeka appeared built from 1417-1420. On two floors of 50 cages Urbanization lived about 100 students. Under certain angular position domes had a conference, and was the largest mosque in the back. One of the graduates was Dzhami, tadzhik known poet. According to some information, Ulugbek taught the math here.

In 200 years, the governor of Samarkand is held JAlangtusha name in vain, two Muslim Council Seminars, bolshego size, more luxurious and rich to build outshine previous governors. The Muslim seminary Cher Dor (Muslim seminary lion) was built from 1619 to 1636. Represent despite religious prohibitions, which was very brave and unusual for its time to fantastic tiger and solar type Person huge portal. The public living presence shows are spent here.