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      The outcome of the Russian-Turkish war did not add optimism in British ruling circles - Russia, not only with the honor came out of this test, but gained significant concessions from the Ottoman Empire. On the initiative of the British convened the Congress of Berlin. Russia to reduce potential losses, taking the adventurous step - sending to Kabul (in the midst of preparations for the British invasion of Afghanistan) of General Stoletov mission to sign the Russian-Afghan war of the contract. Indignation in England, there was no limit. To resolve the issue started at the highest level.
      Afoot affair ended, almost before it began - The Congress of Berlin still has reviewed the conditions of the Russian-Turkish world, and Britain began as planned, the war in Afghanistan. She kept her pretty mediocre, but eventually imposed a peace treaty and Afghanistan to win over the new Afghan leader Abdurrahman Khan, to whom Russia, providing it with arms and money, arranged at the time "escape" from their own territory. Afghanistan actually goes under the protectorate of Great Britain [36].
      Continuing to worry about Russian actions in Central Asia, the United Kingdom sought to use another Central Asian neighbors - Persia - to complicate Russia's position in the region. Drawing attention to this aspect of Anglo-Russian relations in Central Asia, it should be noted that the geopolitical location of Iran could not leave indifferent neither Britain nor Russia. But the object of economic and political penetration, he was much later than everyone else in Central Asia. This is largely explained by the more stable political regime, compared with the same Afghanistan, and the more remote and secure position both in relation to Russia, and in relation to British India. In addition, not in the interests of powerful nations was to break the economic system and markets of Persia. Therefore, since the 1860s. When Britain got its first concession here, was actually set the tone of dialogue with this country and its government. But the active stage of the struggle for Iran comes at the end of the 1880s. due to some weakening of the Russian-Afghan border issue.
      By the mid-1880s. Russia was in close proximity to Afghanistan and the question of the precise definition of the Russian-Afghan border rose with incredible intensity. In 1884. established a special commission of demarcation, in which disputes dragged on for almost two years, and at first the atmosphere was tense to the point that it almost came to war between the two states (collision Pendinskom oasis in March 1885.).

Towers of Uzbekistan: Round 02
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: From Tashkent Tashkent airport upon arrival you will be given to the town. You can dine in the hotel is approved.
Day 2: Essential breakfast at 7:00. Morning flight to Nukus. The arrival of Nukus, go to the board. Tour to Nukus. Art, Russian and Uzbek, visit the Museum of Art and the State Museum. Leisure. Night dinner and B & B
Day 3: After breakfast, we used to sit on the banks of the Aral Sea in the former fishermen village Moynak go. Motor Moynak Xivı up today. Xivu arrival. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 4: Essential breakfast at 7:00. Xive parts of the program visit: UNESCO World Heritage site Ichan-Qala fortress visit. Amine Mukhammad medresah, Mukhammad Rakhimkhan medresah Khan Kunya your boat. Leisure day. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 5: After breakfast, go to Bukhara. On the way stop to see the Amudarya River. Arrival to Bukhara today. Hotel Register. Leisure. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 6: Essential breakfast at 7:00. Visiting places in Bukhara. Ismail Samani, Arc Fortress, Chashma-Ayub, KALONA visited the mausoleum minaret of the mosque, madrasa-Attori Magoki Arab mosque, madrasa Ulugbek and Abdulazizkhan, commercial domes, Lyabi Hauz the Reconciles general, Chor-cadet madrasah. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 7: Essential breakfast at 7:00. The tour continues to Bukhara. Sitorai-Mokhikhosa emirs of Bukhara, Chor-Bakr Summer Palace and the visit to the mausoleum of the Naqshbandi Bakhoutdin. Free day in Bukhara.
Day 8: After breakfast, go to Samarkand by Shakhrisabz. Shakhrisabz visited places in the stop. Ak-Saray Palace, visit the ruins of the tomb Jakhongir and Omar Sheikh. Samarkand your day. Arrival to Samarkand. Leisure. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 9: Breakfast at 7:00 grounds. Visiting places in Samarkand. Bibi-Khanum Mosque Square Reqistana to the ruins, cemeteries and Shaki-Zinda Gur-Emir Mausoleum, Ulugbek observatory. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 10: Essential breakfast at 7:00. The tour continues to Samarkand. Imam al-Bukhari for all of the engine, a Muslim place of pilgrimage. Location of Uzbekistan's independence, the mosque was built after the famous mausoleum of Imam al-Bukhari is not. Leisure day. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 11: After breakfast leave for Tashkent. Arrival in Tashkent, the hotel has to. Excursion program in Tashkent. Visit to Tashkent, Amir Temur Square, Independence Square, the center. Dinner and overnight at the hotel.
Day 12: morning, your guide will air for the first time details. You will be flying home.

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