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      Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan, in many ways making the weather in the region, along with the development of relations with Russia seek to maintain close relations with the United States, including in the sphere of defense and security. Kyrgyzstan's position is far from uniqueness to Bishkek is quite different possibilities of rapprochement with America. Turkmenistan is their game and had some success. Tajikistan, offering Americans to use their military-transit objects, apparently looking for partnerships, alternative relations with Moscow, and it is in close relations with Iran. At the same time, Tajikistan remains fragile country, both internally and externally, being exposed to a variety of challenges from literally all directions (China, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan).
      Despite the apparently correct behavior of the U.S., Russia and China against each other, the struggle for influence in Central Asia continues. Central Asia - a place where security issues are solved the world's leading centers of power [34].
1.2. The history of the Great Powers to Central Asia
       The second half of XIX century was extremely rich in international events is truly global. Of particular interest to us is the so-called "Great Game" [35] in Central Asia, which involved two of the largest empire of that time - the British, and Russian.
 Both countries had their own views of this region and thus were in different weight classes in many respects the superiority of England was obvious. Nevertheless, Russia, barely recovered from the Crimean War, begins a major offensive in Central Asia, which could not but disturb the UK (Rawlinson's memorandum). The boundaries of the two empires - the Russian and British - are beginning to gradually approach each other. Initial attempts to negotiate (1869) fail, because the two sides to each other impose unreasonable demands. Only in 1872. Britain has officially fix the limit of the Russian advance, and acts as a buffer zone is only to Afghanistan. In this version of the tsarist government almost immediately agrees. The formulation is made very foggy, the two high contracting parties have a rather vague idea about the real Afghan border.

Towers of Uzbekistan: Round 12
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: You will be brought to the airport to Tashkent. Transmission of the guide for the city of Tashkent. Breakfast at the hotel building. Recreation. Far enjoy a delightful dinner and sleep.
Day 2: The day starts with a breakfast fixture. Proceed to the airport for the morning flight Tashkent to Urgench. Arrival to Urgench. Xivu (35 km) to go. The agreement at the hotel. Walks around. Medressa Xive and a small collection of minarets, 45 meters tall and the city's leading platform for high-includes monitoring station. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep Xive.
Day 3: Today you through the trailer (480 km, 6-7 hours) along the outside of a coach will travel to Bukhara. Arrival in Bukhara. The agreement at the hotel. Leisure. Bukhara enjoy a delightful dinner and sleep.
Day 4: The day starts with a breakfast fixture. City tour: .. The citadel (. 4 to Ne c), the mausoleum of the Samanids (910 th c), Chashma Ayub (14 th c) mosque, a ark Dlinnoqo-krivoqo-noja-Hauz (early 20 th c.), The market Coumpol, Medreseh Nodir-Divan-Beghi, all Lyabi-Khauz (in 1417 c). KALONA Minaret (12th c). Kalyan Mosque (12 th c). Reconciles Medreseh Arabic (16 th c). There is a traditional Uzbek house in an attractive lunch. The dream of Bukhara.
Day 5: Breakfast at the building. His mother and his teachers (14 th c). Tomb Chor-Bakr (10 c). Nakshbandi Bahouddin for the graves of small churches (in 1619 c). A visit to the city to visit the summer residence Sitorai-Mokhi-Hossam (19 th c) apply. I have to sleep with a delicious lunch and Bukhara.
Day 6: Today you are ethnographic museum, a visit to a mosque. Go to Bukhara. Bukhara enjoy a delightful dinner and sleep.
Day 7: The day starts with a breakfast fixture. Shakhrisabz coach for the trip (290 km, 5 hours). The agreement at the hotel. City tour: ruins of Ak-Saray Palace (in 1415 c) Total Time beetle - all of the coprin Saodat (Khazratiy Imam Mosque (14 th c) Jahongir tomb (14th c ..)), then the total beetle - all coprin Tillavat: .. Gumbazi-Seiidan, Kok Gumbaz Mosque (15 th c) art "Khudjun" visited the production point of view. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep Shakhrisabz.
Day 8: Breakfast at the building. Coach trip to Termez (300 km, 5 hours). The agreement at the hotel. City tour: Archaeological Museum, Fayaztepa (the former site of the 23-th cc), officially the Grand Mausoleum Termezi (in 915 AD) .. (4 km), buddistskay views Mortar Zurmala (7 km), Mausoleum of Sultan Saodat (in 1015 AD). (7.5 km), Honako Kokaldor Ota (16 th c). (4 km), the convent Mrs. Kirk Kiz (910 in c). (4 km). Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep Termeze.
Day 9: Breakfast at the building. If the Surkhandarya Tour: Minaret of Jarkurgan (12 th c). (60 km Termeza) Great Bridge (16 th c). (Jarkurgan 45 km) Archaeological excavations Dalverzintepa (1-c). The capital of the Kushan Empire. Denau town (30 km) to go. City tour: Sayid Athaliah Madrasah (16 th c) The local child .. Samarkand (380 km, 5-6 hours) go. The agreement at the hotel. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in Samarkand.
Day 10: Today we will have a city tour:. Excavations in the ancient and Afrosiab Museum of Architecture in Sheki-Zindeh (in 1115 c) Guri Emir Mausoleum - the tomb of Tamerlane (1415 - in c). Mosque, Bibi-Khonum market. Enjoy a delightful lunch at a traditional Uzbek folklore concert. The desire to Samarkand.
Day 11: Breakfast at the building. Tour of the Municipal Program: square Reqistana - Medreseh Ulughbek (15 th c), the Leo-beetle-coprin Medreseh (17 th c) Medreseh Till-Kori (17 th c) The Observatory ... Ulughbek (15th c). Coach travel to Tashkent (315 km, 4 hours). The agreement at the hotel. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in Tashkent.
Day 12: Today we will take a tour around the city of Tashkent: Independence Square, Navoi theater square, Barak Khan Madrasah (16 th c) Kaffal-Shashi mausoleum (15th c.). Kukeldash Madrasah (16th c.), Friday Mosque (9 c)., Museum of Applied Arts, Museum of History. Opera and Ballet A. The Navoi Theater. Enjoy a delicious dinner and sleep in Tashkent.
Day 13: Your guide to meet you at the hotel and then leave for the airport.

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