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      In the winter-spring 2005 Central Asia, according to analysts and experts, was able to change the whole situation in the Commonwealth. The main reason for this turn of events became the discrepancy formed the social and political systems of objective political, social and economic conditions in which they existed. A notable fact in this context, it became Moscow's desire to establish a general framework of the CIS Security Council that can later turn into nadpravitelstvenny body to coordinate efforts to prevent changes in the form of so-called velvet revolution. Hard Ukraine's rejection of the idea of ​​such a structure at the time of its creation slowed, but the Central Asian regimes such form of coordination would be acceptable.
      In many ways, this position is conditioned by the fact that, as pointed out by American experts at the end of 2004, "Central Asia - Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan - will face a serious choice to maintain social peace in the context of increasing population growth, relatively young population , limited economic prospects and the growth of radical Islamic influence. " At the same time for most analysts it was clear that without a "systemic problems" in the region, they became a source of potential regional conflict. It is this fact situation explained and the corresponding output of experts: "The States of Central Asia are weak and have the potential for religious and ethnic conflicts in the next fifteen years. Religious and ethnic movements could destabilize the region. It seems that Eurasia will become more fragmented, despite the fact that the opposite demographic trends - such as labor shortages in Russia and western Eurasia, and its overabundance in Central Asia - could help the region to rally. Moreover, it is likely that Russia will cooperate with the Central Asian states in the expansion of transportation corridors for energy supplies. "

Towers of Uzbekistan: Round 06
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: You will come to Tashkent and from the airport, you will meet the guide. You will be accompanied to the town of Tashkent. Then you will have lunch. Leisure.
Day 2: We start the tour of Tashkent. We make a tour to Visit to Tashkent, the Municipal Assembly and Imom Khast market Chor-Su, when we have a tour we see Museum of Applied Arts, Amir Temur Square, the center of the old part of the Independence Square in Tashkent. Samarkand to start the engine today. Tour includes Arrival to Samarkand, the hotel has been saved. Your evening will be held at the hotel.
Day 3: Breakfast is 7:00. Shaki-Zinda Ensemble square-known places to visit in Reqistana, we will make a tour to Bibi-Khanum Mosque, Gur-Emirwe have a tour to visit the ruins and cemeteries Shaki-Zinda Mausoleum, Samarkand, including a visit to the observatory Ulugbek curiosities. Travel contains Leisure day. Your evening will be held at the hotel.
Day 4: The day starts with a drive to Bukhara. In Uzbekistan Bukhara has been coming to the hotel. Tour includes Day trip to Bukhara. We will make a tour to Visit the KALONA Magoki mosque-madrasa in Arabic Attori, Ulugbek madrasah Abdulazizkhan and commercial domes, Lyabi Hauz Chor-cadet Reconciles general madrasas. Your evening will be held at the hotel.
Day 5: Breakfast is 7:00. The tour continues to Bukhara. Tour shows us Samani dynasty mausoleum, Arc Fortress, Chashma-Ayub, please. Mokhikhosa summer palace of Bukhara emirs Sitorai-a-day visit. Events during the day in Uzbekistan . Suddenly the hotel.
Day 6: Day Xivu transmission begins. The tour is amazing because of The engine is based on the Amu Darya river view. Xivu arrival, the hotel has been saved. Leisure.
Day 7: We finished the tour with a visit to Xivı of curiosities, we Ichan-Qala fortress UNESCO World Heritage due to spend the day in Uzbekistan . In Ichan-Qala fortress Mukhammad medresah Amine, Mukhammad Rahimkhan Medresah, please Cadet Kalta Khan.Travel in Uzbekistan contains  Leisure day. Urgench, flight to Tashkent, transfer to the airport this evening. Travel contains Arrival in Tashkent, go to the hotel. Your evening will be held at the hotel.
Day 8: Our guide will accompany you to the airport to Tashkent.

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