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      In this context, the strategic objectives and tactical maneuvers of the external forces became the subject of much interest, both local and foreign political commentators and experts. They noted that "Moscow's strategy in Uzbekistan seems to be aimed at finding cracks in existing alliances and their subsequent expansion." At the same time political scientists from the Central Asian countries, citing the opinion of experts, came to the conclusion that "for the successful promotion of Russia is necessary, above all, to control the geopolitical and geo-economic processes in our region and in the future take the place of a central player, securing the right to set their own rules and dictate terms of partnership in key areas of cooperation with the rest of the world "[20].
      The outbreak of the American Political Science, hierarchical conceptualization of the geographic area in Central Asia has been continued in the work of Frederick Starr. A special analytical article "" Greater Central Asia Partnership "for Afghanistan and its neighbors", published by the Joint Transatlantic Research and Policy Center Johns Hopkins University in March 2005, the author has identified a real (and not attributed to his close-minded biased interpreters and interpreters) nominated in the utilitarian purpose of geospatial concept: "The aim is to help transform Afghanistan and the region, the core of which he is in the area secured with a safety point of view of sovereign states sharing the principles of a viable market economy, the secular and relatively open system of government, respecting the civil rights and maintaining positive relations with the United States. The appearance of this area, which from now on be called as the "Greater Central Asia" will reject the forces that promote the growth of extremism and strengthen continental security. "

Towers of Uzbekistan: Round 10
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: You will come to Tashkent and from the airport, you will meet the guide. You will be accompanied to the town of Tashkent. Then you will have lunch. Tour starts with City tour around Tashkent: this tour has attractions as Abu Bakr Kaffal Shoshi - we will have tour to Tomb Islamic scholar (16 th c), the Barak Khan Madrasah (16 th c) Kaffal-Shashi mausoleum (15th c) ... , Kukeldash Madrasah (16th c.), tour will show us Friday Mosque (9 c). Samarkand (315 km, 4 hours) go. The agreement at the hotel. Tour includes Lunch. Your evening will be held in Samarkand.
Day 2: Day City Tour begins: we wil have tour to Afrosiab excavations and tour will show us ancient architectural complex in the Sheki-Zindeh (11-15th c) The Observatory Ulughbek square Reqistana museum. Discover tour to Medreseh Ulughbek (15 th c) Leo-beetle-coprin Medreseh (17 th c) Medreseh Till-Kori (17 th c) Guri Emir Mausoleum - ... Tamerlane's tomb (14 - 15 - th c.), The mosque Bibi-Khonum market. Lunch in traditional Uzbek house. Your evening will be held in Samarkand.
Day 3: Day trip to Bukhara coach (270 km, 2.5 hours) begin with. The agreement at the hotel. Tour starts with City tour: we will have tour to mausoleum, "Ismail Samani" (in 910 AD) tomb "Chashma-Ayub" (14th c), "Imam Ala-vapor" (2004 y) and museum ... "Castle of the ark" (120 cc.), A mosque, "Dlinnıy-Krivoy-noj-Khauz" (18th c.) All "Lyabi-Khauz" in Uzbekistan(cc in 1618). Lunch. Your evening in Uzbekistan will be held in Bukhara.
Day 4: Breakfast is 7:00. Uzbekistan wil show us Medreseh "Kukeldash" (16 th c) Medreseh "Nodir Divanbegi" (17 th c) Medreseh "Arab reconciliation" (16 th c): .. After the visit to the city, depending on the application. minarets "Kalyan" (12th c.), a mosque, "Kalyan" (15th c.) medreseh "Ulugbek" (15th c.) Medreseh and "Abdul Aziz Khan" (17th c.), Funeral "Chor-Bakr" (in 1620 cc), an ancient place. In Uzbekistan we have Dinner with folklore concert. Proceed to the airport for the evening flight to Tashkent. Your evening in Uzbekistan will be held in Tashkent.
Day 5: Morning transfer to the airport for flight to Fergana in the morning to begin with. The agreement at the hotel. Tour of the Ferghana Valley: get travel to Pottery workshop on Margilansky Rishtan city to visit - a workshop of Rustam Usmanov ceramics, silk factory was Yodgorlik. Travel includes Kuva for the engine (33 km). Tour Program: Seminar teachers, Buddhist temples and ruins of the Sanctuary of Zoroaster. Travel includes Back to Fergana. Lunch. Your evening will be held in Fergana.
Day 6: Day of Bukhara, Tashkent airport for a morning flight from the transmission to begin with. Arrival in Bukhara. The agreement at the hotel. City tour: .. The citadel (. 4 to Ne c), the mausoleum of the Samanids (910 th c), Chashma Ayub (14 th c) mosque, a ark Dlinnoqo-krivoqo-noja-Hauz (early 20 th c.), The market Coumpol, Medreseh Nodir-Divan-Beghi Lyabi-Khauz (in 1417 c). KALONA Minaret (12th c). Kalyan Mosque (12 th c). Reconciles Medreseh Arabic (16 th c). Lunch. Your evening will be held in Bukhara.
Day 7: 7:00 am is breakfast. Nakshbandi Bahouddin a small church (in 1619 c). And visit the graves of his mother and his teachers (14 th c). Summer in the city for a visit to the Emir Sitorai-Mokhi-Hossam (19 th c). Mausoleum Chor-Bakr (10 c). Coach to Samarkand (270 km, 2.5 hours) Voyage. The agreement at the hotel. Lunch. Your evening will be held in Samarkand.
Day 8: 7:00 am is breakfast. City tour: excavations in the ancient and Afrosiab, the Architecture Museum. Arabian restaurant lunch. . After the tour of the local program - the tomb of Tamerlane (in 1415 c), Bibi-Khanum mosque, market, Square Reqistana: Observatory of Ulugbek. Dinner with folklore concert. Your evening will be held in Samarkand.
Day 9: Day coach visit to Tashkent (315 km, 4 hours) begin with. The agreement at the hotel. City tour around Tashkent: Abu Bakr Kaffal Shoshi-Islamskiy scientist's tomb (16th c), the Barak Khan Madrasah (16 th c) Kaffal-Shashi mausoleum (15th c) .. . Kukeldash Madrasah (16 th c). and the Juma Mosque (9 c). Lunch. One in Tashkent.
Day 10: Breakfast is 7:00. Chimgan coach trip to the mountains. Mountain resort / hotel Agreement. Horse riding in the mountains near Chimgan. Travel kanatnoqo lift mountains, mountain resorts, including Chimgan and Beldersay for the hike. Lunch. You are at the mountain resort in the evening.
Day 11: We finish the tour with a visit to Tashkent coach. The agreement at the hotel. City tour: Amir Temur Square Theatre Square, History Museum of Uzbekistan, Applied Art Museum, Independence Square, Monument of Independence and humanism, square, "Memory and Honor" (sorry, the home of eternal fire), municipal fountains and modern monuments. Visiting the Opera and Ballet Theatre. Lunch. Your evening will be held in Tashkent.
Day 12: Tashkent Our guide will accompany you from the airport.

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