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      There are currently no other, more serious external threat to Russia than the spread of military-political presence in areas of the Black Sea, Caucasus and Central Asia. And here Russia would not allow for a long time to wait, she would have to move on to more actively blocking the efforts of the United States, expanding their military presence in this part of the world. If these efforts were associated only with the new challenges the Obama Administration with regard to Afghanistan, and the "Central Asian transit", as before, would have limited value, perhaps, a threat to Russia would not be so great. However, the problem in Afghanistan - only part of the Pentagon's plans in Eurasia.
      In Moscow, they see that Beijing is in no hurry to take active steps to counter U.S. expansion into Central Asia, and emerging here in front of it, Russia will have to solve the problem without China. A group of American designers led. Brzezinski calls (as always) to combine the efforts of the U.S. and China against Russia. However, some U.S. analysts talk about the need to contain China's growing power and offer a treat as a priority this is.
      The policy of "containment" of China, which sought to hold the Bush administration, was a fiasco. It may be that in the next decade, the U.S. did not manage to develop an effective policy of deterrence, but to strive for this, of course, will be. Therefore, to Central Asia remains twofold perspective, and much will depend on what course would prefer China.

Towers of Uzbekistan: Round 08
Activity: Cultural tour
Destination: Uzbekistan
Duration: 10 days

Day 1: You will be brought to the airport to Tashkent. Transmission of the guide for the city of Tashkent. Breakfast at the hotel building. Recreation. City tour of the day: "New TV Tower of Tashkent" - the highest in Central Asia - 375 m, the "Memorial to the Victims of Repression" - the memorial and museum, "a statue of Courage" (1976) - Tashkent from 1966 earthquake epicenter. The old part of the city: "Khazret-religious" architecture. Far enjoy a delightful dinner and sleep.
Day 2: The day starts with a breakfast fixture. Samarkand (315 km, 5 hours) and go to the hotel investment. Grave of Tamerlan (in 1415 c), the son of Muhammad Sultan Temur breakfast and three other tombs built for Temurids - Temur tour visit, son, "Gur Emir mausoleum" included - Miranshah and Shahruh son and grandson Ulugbek. The capital of Tamerlane's empire, the hotel has a delightful dinner and sleep.
Day 3: Today we visited the market Siab, Samarkand, excavations and ancient Afrosiab, Daniyar mausoleum of Khodja, bread and vegetables taste better than a museum - the legend of the Koran, and biblical links Daniyar the prophet (Daniel), is how Tamerlane brought here. It's Free to spend at leisure. One of the most ancient cities in the world to enjoy a delightful dinner and sleep at the hotel.
Day 4: Breakfast at the building. Learn Shakhrisabz - a unique monument of architecture and urban planning (90 km, 1.5 hours). Shakhrisabz tour: ruins of the "Ak-Saray Palace" - his contemporaries (in 1415 c) "Jahongir Tomb" which is the idea that shook the summer residence of Tamerlane - as the beloved Son of Tamerlan's tomb. Then, with the arrival of Bukhara accommodation in the hotel today. Bukhara hotel and enjoy a delightful dinner and sleep.
Day 5: Today we will have a city tour: mausoleum of the Samanids - the old brick building in Central Asia, the world architecture (910 th c), Chashma Ayub mausoleum of Shah left the sacred (14 th c) expensive "places to watch" belongs. Legend of the Bible (Job), and this place is visited by his labor. Imam al Bukhari and museum admission and "Water Museum" there. "Dlinnoqo-krivoqo-noja-Houz Mosque" - a medieval Bukhara, the monument (20-s' demandent From c.), The ship - the center of Bukhara statehood (4-c-up "for ne), silk carpets, complex, "Do not drink KALONA" ("down the Great") containing: "Kalyan Minaret" - the main symbol of sacred Bukhara that the governors and the remarkable power and spiritual energy.
Day 6: Order 'Sitorai Mokhi-Khosa' s summer palace (19 th c), cemeteries, memorials, "Chor Bakr" (10 c: Today will be a ride out of the city), Bakhouddin Nakshbandi mausoleum (in 1619 c) Visit and his mother, and his teacher (14 th c) to the graves. Back to Bukhara. Relaxation in the empty streets of the old Bukhara. The quiet and comfortable hotel in Bukhara enjoy a delightful dinner and sleep.
Day 7: Breakfast at the building. Trailer Road (480 km, 5-7 hours), go through the red-sand desert Xivu. Visit Xivu - Central Asia is the only "Museum under the stars," was to be kept up to date. Hivy historical center, was listed on the Heritage List UNESCOWorld - the seat of the hotel or in the nearby "Ichan-Qala" menu. Recreation. Hotel Xive enjoy a delightful dinner and sleep.
Day 8: Today we will have a tour around the city ensemble. Medressa Xive and a small collection of minarets, 45 meters tall and the city's leading platform for high-includes monitoring station. Tuprakkala boats instead of the Amu Darya and the ancient castle (23 th century), and the layout of the camp Ayazkala days of transmission to the bridge. Yurts Agreement. This walking tour around Ayazkala Ayazkala 1 and a 2. Enjoy a delightful meal and sleep in traditional style of the Silk Road.
Day 9: Breakfast at the building. In the morning, as the camels continue to learn. Excursion to Lake Ayazkul. Löw fishing, swimming, and boating. Lunch. Back Yurts. For the evening flight to Tashkent HY 1058 at 21:10 Urgench Airport (80 km, 1.5 hours), please. 23:15 Arrival and hotel accommodation in Tashkent. Enjoy a tasty meal and sleep in a hotel in Tashkent.
Day 10: Today Tashkent "Chorsu" will have a tour around - Eastern market, and now, exciting gifts by local craftsmen in traditional arts center, the "National Park", "Abdulkasim Medressa" (19 th c). Free to go around Tashkent, its beautiful squares and fountains, visit museums and galleries, and Metro View From Tashkent - one of the most beautiful in the world. Your guide to meet you at the hotel and then leave for the airport.

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