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Kyrgyzstan music

Kirghiz appreciate music. Many festivals include breaks between serving dishes for the music pauses when the guests took turns performing traditional tunes. The musical accompaniment also has a strong tradition. Riddles, proverbs, tongue twisters also occupy an important place in the hearts of people.
Kirghiz most revered musical instrument - komuz, a three-pear-shaped instrument, made of wood are usually apricot tree. Strings is a long time were made of sheep lived.
Choor ("pipe") - a wind instrument, a length of 40-100 cm, with the number of holes to 4. It can be made of cane, honeysuckle wood, copper or other materials, and has a nasal sound of the vibrating
Oozkomuz ("mouth komuz") - a small mouth harp made of iron, brass, bronze or copper. The sound comes from the movement of a small metal prong.
The great epic poem "Manas" contains more than one million lines, up to 20 times longer than the Iliad and Odyssey combined, and 2.5 times longer than the Mahabharata. With a story ever Kirghiz people from around the 10th century, the epic is a description of the heroic exploits of the hero Manas, battling hordes of barbarians for the creation of a homeland for his people. Before his death, in the final triumphant battle he married Kanykei wise, the daughter of a Samarkand khan. Goes on to tell of the exploits of their son and his son Semetei Seitek. In the course of the epic include colorful descriptions of everyday life with its traditions, customs, festivals and funeral ceremonies. Professional storyteller of the epic "Manas" is called manaschi. Experienced manaschi was always the guest of honor in any home. Many of the most prominent historical figures in Kyrgyzstan, such as Toktogul (named in his honor by the city reservoir, and the street in Bishkek) were manaschi. Singing the heads of the epic is ideally suited to different situations, and today is a core Kyrgyz ideas about themselves.


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