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Kyrgyz geography

Kyrgyzstan is situated in the north-eastern part of Central Asia, in the heart of Eurasia. The area is 198.5 square kilometers of Kyrgyzstan Kyrgyzstan stretches 925 km.s east to west and 425 km. from north to south. The boundaries of the republic are on natural boundaries: the rivers and mountain ridges. In the east, bordered by the Republic of China on the north by Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan to the west, south-west and south by Tajikistan. Republic of North latitude 43 ° 16 'close to the latitude of Rome, south latitude 39 ° 11' close to the latitude of Sicily in Italy.
Bishkek - the capital of Kyrgyzstan, and place of residence of about a million people. Located on the shores of the river Chuy, Bishkek, is at an important trade route of ancient times and modern times. The city, as opposed to the surrounding rural landscape is the area the location of new businesses and organizations. Bishkek - one of the greenest cities in Central Asia, its streets are planted with trees and bushes of 150 different species. The city has many theaters, opera and ballet theater, Kirghiz and Russian drama theaters. Interesting places of the capital are: the mosque and an Orthodox cathedral, the historical complex of the national hero Manas - "Manasayyly," Regional Studies, zoological, geological, and other iconic museums, exhibitions of fine and applied arts, colorful oriental food and clothing markets.

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