If you are interested in the topic of transportation in Kyrgyzstan, because you are going to travel around this wonderful country, then this article is for you. Starting to talk about this, we will tell you about railway transportation in Kyrgyzstan. And this is how the Kyrgyz Temir Zholy railway company or the Kyrgyz Railway Company operates in our country. Nevertheless, on the tour, you will not be able to travel to all parts of the country by train, because most of the territory of Kyrgyzstan is occupied by mountains, and therefore rail transportation limits its route. However, in this case, our cars for rent are the best decision taken during the travel tour.

In Kyrgyzstan, trains move in two main directions: north and south. To get to the Issyk Kul region of the country, you can use both Bishkek car for rent service and rail transportation by purchasing a train ticket from Bishkek to Balykchy. These rails then lead to the Kazakhstan railway. Earlier, for example, those who traveled to the southern part of Kyrgyzstan showed a desire to get from our country to Uzbekistan by rail and bought a train ticket from Osh or Jalal Abad. However, today it is impossible to get to Uzbekistan like that.

The website of the Railway Company, or, can provide detailed information on the train schedule. However, always keep in mind that it is almost impossible to get to the designated place in the shortest possible time, so Bishkek car for rent here is the best solution for getting around during the travel tour.

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