Traditional clothes

Traditional Kyrgyz clothes is part of Kyrgyzstan's cultural heritage, which was passed down over generations. When you visit Kyrgyzstan, you will gain a better understanding of Kyrgyz nomadic life. During your tours in Kyrgyzstan with our car rental service, you will find that most people wear modern clothing, but when you visit a village, you will notice a very different image.

Traditional Kyrgyz clothing is divided into two categories: underwear and outerwear. Men prefer leather or suede garments such as "jarq shym," "kandagay," and "chalbar." Previously, only the rich and heroes wore such clothing. Kyrgyz people enjoyed making clothing out of the fur of wild animals like wolves, foxes, and lynxes. Men's shoes, such as boots Charyk and Chokoy and traditional hats ak-kalpak, tebetey, malakai, can be found on your Kyrgyzstan tour.

Underwear and outerwear were also distinguished from women's clothes. Kyrgyz women wear long skirts called "beldemchi" because they are known for their modesty. If you visit Kyrgyzstan, you will be able to see original traditional clothing in the country's museums. Kyrgyz men wore clothes decorated with metal accessories to demonstrate perseverance and courage, while girls wore clothes decorated with flowers to show their beauty.

Nature of Kyrgyzstan.

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