Rising the heights

Everyone knows that Kyrgyzstan is a country of mountains, and mountaineering in Kyrgyzstan is just perfect. And on tours in Kyrgyzstan, our guests of the country will be able to rent a car, learn a lot of information and enjoy spending time in the country. In mountain country tours, you can explore that Kyrgyzstan is just the perfect place for trekking, mountaineering, and hiking. Traveling in Kyrgyzstan, you can also learn that in Soviet times it was forbidden to climb the mountains. Only special people could get permission to do this.

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In Kyrgyzstan, during the tours, our clients will be able to learn from our team a lot of facts about the country, such as permits and restrictions, advantages and disadvantages, about the mountains, facts about the territory and get additional information. And also to make the tour great, you can rent a car. In the mountains, being on top of people should not forget the fact that there may be difficulties such as crevices in the mountains or avalanches.

Guests of the country on tours in Kyrgyzstan are able to find out the facts, and find out that trekkers will be able to reach peaks of 7000 meters high. And they will also be awarded the title of "Snow Leopard". And about 600 climbers were able to get such a title in the Soviet Union.