Relief of Kyrgyzstan is very colorful and interesting for investigation. Kyrgyzstan is mountainous country and has its neighbors with the same relief. We can admit that all together is equal the size of Nebraska or England and Scotland combined.

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The territory of Kyrgyzstan occupies a significant part of the mountainous country-the Tien Shan and partly the scarlet. The complex, contrasting relief is characterized by a unique variety: endless chains of ridges intersected by depressions, rivers and lakes, forests and meadows, upland valleys and syrts, steppes and deserts make up the amazing beauty of the landscapes and landscapes of this "blessed" region. The lowest mark above sea level — 500 m above sea level is located in the Osh region, the highest — 7134 m above sea level — Lenin peak is located in the Zaalaysky ridge.

South of the Kyrgyz range is the Suusamyr valley. The famous Russian scientist  Mushketov wrote about the beauty of the Suusamyr valley in 1886: "Lush green meadows are surrounded by snow-capped mountains, like an emerald set in silver."

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