Burana bastille

In this article we will tell about Burana tower which we will discover  on the territory of Kyrgyzstan during our tours. Our company offers car rent from one point to another. 12 km to the south-west of the present city of Tokmak is the settlement of the medieval Balasagun, the capital of the Karakhanid Khaganate (940-1210). The Karakhanid Khaganate in the X-X centuries was the largest feudal state in Central Asia. The first Karakhanids conquered most of Eastern Turkestan, Central Tien Shan, and Semirechye Ifergan.The capital of this state was the city of Balasagun, founded by the Karakhanids in the middle of the X century in the eastern part of the Chui Valley.The history of the city is short. In 1218, Balasagun surrendered without a fight to the outposts of the myriad Mongol invasion and by the middle of the XIV century, it had ceased to exist. His name was forgotten, and only the minaret and the walls of the fortress buildings indicate that the capital of a powerful state once existed here.

Currently, an open-air archaeological and architectural museum has been established and is functioning on the Burana settlement in Kyrgyzstan. A significant collection consists of stone sculptures, which are collected from the destroyed ancient Turkic burial grounds of the Chui Valley, the Kemin valley of the Iissyk-Kul basin. Stone sculptures are sculptures with careful study of facial features, headdress, jewelry, clothing, weapons, etc. In tours you may visit the museum. The museum's collection includes sculptures that are authentic masterpieces of imaginative art from the VI-X centuries. They are not related to the history of the city and represent completely different epochs, ethnicities and types of culture of the ancient Tien Shan. Our company recommends to travel via car rent service along Kyrgyzstan. It will make your tours complete.