9 days tour 10

Day 1: Bishkek – Ala Archa – Bishkek
Dear guests we are happy to see you in Kyrgyzstan and show the beauty of the country. First there is a drive to the city Bishkek, from Manas International Airport. As we get to the capital, there is going to be a city tour along Pobeda Square (Victory Square), Duboviy Park (Oak Park), Central Ala-Too Square, Old Square, National Philharmonic. Then the group is going to travel along Ala Archa gorge. This is also known as a Natural Park in 45km from Bishkek. In the past Soviet Times local people were not able to come here that easy, all needed to have special allowance for entering. Here we are able to travel here along the mountains as well as the paths. Night will be in the hotel.

Day 2: Bishkek – Burana – Issyk Kul northern shore
Early in the morning the foreigners travel to Issyk Kul Lake. The lake is found at the height of 1608m above sea level. It is also known as "the pearl of Central Asia" as located in the very heart of the mountains. Water here is salty by the way. For getting to this place it is necessary to get to Burana Tower. This is the tower of the 11th century surrounded by balbals. These are the stone warriors making a protection of the territory. Night will be in the hotel.

Day 3: Issyk Kul Lake – Kochkor
In the middle of the tour in Kyrgyzstan our group is going to travel along the lake and its surrounding territory. Issyk Kul is said to be 180km long and 60k wide. It was created with the help of an earthquake, which destroyed the ancient town, the ruins of which can still be seen at the bottom. For 1500 years at least people considered it to be holy. At the territory of the lake there is Cholpon Ata, full of ancient stone inscriptions and petroglyphs dating to 2000 years ago. The next destination of the day is made to Kochkor village. Here we communicate with the locals. They are masters of felt and wool carpets creation. They will also make a chance for the guests to try to decorate or make some creations of the carpet. There is a small handicraft museum, which should be visited for seeing their works of art. Night will be in the stay of the locals. 

Day 4: Kochkor – Son Kul Lake
For today the aim is to see the other high-altitude lake - Son Kul. It is found at the height of 3013m, right in the mountains nearly touching the sky. Here there are lots of nomads who breed the cattle, and ready to talk to the foreigners. Here we can’t go swimming as weather is cool, but all of us can have a journey along the lake, by taking a boat. Then there is going to be the walking tour along the territory of the lake. After seeing of all the peculiar sites of the lake, night and dinner will be in yurts.

Day 5: Son Kul Lake – Kazarman
About 93% of Kyrgyzstan is located in the mountains. That is why today we are going to travel rather far in the mountains, to Kazarman village. The route is made along the loveliness of the mountains. Also during the way to the village and in the village itself guests are able to see cultures of the past times. Nomads of the territory will be glad to see the guests and communicate with them. Night and dinner will be at the locals.

Day 6: Kazarman – Arslanbob
The day will be long, as most part of the day we are going to spend in the way. As we return from the most distant village of Kyrgyzstan. Today we travel to Arslanbob walnut forest. The route to the forest is made along rich mountains. There are many locations where we are going to stop for taking photos. During such a route guests try Kumis. Arslanbob walnut forest is the forest giving about 1500 tons of walnuts each year. Night and dinner will be in the stay of the natives.

Day 7: Arslanbob
Arslanbob walnut forest is the forest with the territory of 11,000 hectares. As routes in the country are huge, we should rent a car for our own comfort. Local dwellers as well as the foreigners tend to call the forest as the “Royal Woods of Kyrgyzstan”. It stays at the Great Silk Road of the Middle Ages when people were going along it for exporting of walnuts to the other world. There is a small waterfall, which is worth visiting for seeing such a prettiness of the forest. After having the communication with the local people night and dinner will be at the stay of the locals.

Day 8: Arslanbob – Uzgen – Osh
For getting to Osh there is a need to travel to Djalal Abad town. This town is known for the ancient minaret of the 11th century, Uzgen Tower. The tower is also the home for mausoleums which stay near and are created to bury the leaders. The tower was created by Karakhanids. Then we make a way to Osh. This is going to be the route to the center of the city, where Suleiman Too (Solomon’s Mountain) is located. It has a legend which tells that biblical prophet Solomon (Suleiman, in the Koran) was here and then was buried in the mountain. And in its turn the mountain is the main location for the Muslims to come to pray. Night will be in the hotel.

Day 9: Airport
Morning transfer to airport. 


02 pax – Mitsubishi Delica
04-10 pax – Mercedes Sprinter

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