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Five countries of Central Asia, 5 "stans", namely Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan are waiting for travelers and we are glad to organize a tour with the car for rent service in these wonderful countries. And so the 5 "stans" are just the countries of Central Asia in the form of Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and Turkmenistan, which have their own similarities in their culture, history, and locality also their significant differences. Therefore, many tourists prefer to take the tour on rented car and explore each of them. In turn, before you decide to travel to these countries of Central Asia through the tour with car for rent service, our team wants to tell you a little about them so that you have an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthese amazing countries.

Kyrgyzstan is a small country in area but famous for its majestic mountains, pearls of lakes and many other natural resources. Speaking of natural resources, we note that water resources are especially developed here, since there is a large reserve of glaciers and rivers. If you took the tour with rented car service in Kyrgyzstan, then you should visit such beautiful lakes of the country as Issyk Kul, Son Kul, Chatyr Kul, Sary Chelek, Kel Su and many others. Traveling around Kyrgyzstan, tourists notice how unique the local cuisine is, which is based on the dishes of the nomadic people. And also your hearts will win over the locals with their hospitality.

Kazakhstan is one of the famous travel destinations in Central Asia, so the tour with car for rent service is popular here. Traveling around Kazakhstan, you can enjoy the visit of such beautiful places as the Big Almaty Lake, the Medeo Skating Rink, the Charyn Canyon, which is considered the second Grand Canyon in the world, as well as ride the famous Almaty cableway. The similarities of the cultures of the peoples of Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan are very noticeable, however, traveling through rented car service during the tour, tourists realize that the nature of these countries retains its uniqueness. In Kazakhstan, travelers enjoy the wide steppes.

Tajikistan is a country from the list of 5 "stans" which is very often compared with Kyrgyzstan by the type of relief similarity. However, Tajikistan has its own unique places, usually mountainous areas, which we advise travelers to visit during the tour with the car for rent service and explore the interesting culture of the Tajik people.

Uzbekistan is a country of Central Asia that gives travelers unforgettable emotions during the tour on rented car. Having visited Uzbekistan, you can have a kind of gastronomic tour where the famous pilaf will be the main dish of the local cuisine. Here, by the way, you can find a variety of this dish. In addition, during the tour with car for rent service, in addition to the fact that travelers will have the opportunity to visit many historical places, it will be possible to visit the bazaars. In such bazaars, you can feel the whole oriental flavor.

Turkmenistan is also one of the parts of Central Asia that is considered a closed country. However, the fact that Turkmenistan is a closed country does not mean that it is impossible to travel here on the contrary it is popular here. During the tour on rented car, traveling around Turkmenistan, you can see so many beautiful and historical places, such as the famous Karakum desert, the Darvaza gas crater, or, for example, see the ruins of such historical cities as Merv or Nisa.

Take the tour with the car for rent service, travel in these countries 5 "stans" in other words, travel around Central Asia and discover the culture of each country by visiting Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan or Tajikistan and notice how friendly and hospitable people are here.

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