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Food in Kyrgyzstan

Extreme wealth of the republic is truly enormous. With the exception of salted Issyk-Kul lake all the many fresh, a lot of mountain rivers and springs of pure water. In Bishkek, it is safe to drink cold water from the tap. As water in the rivers, the headwaters can drink it too, but taken downstream desirable to boil. Springs often differ in their mineral composition, a lot of thermal springs and boiling water are not necessary.
So, some tips on how to eat in Kyrgyzstan, so that, having tried all the fun and tasty, not to earn an upset stomach.
A. First, any new and unusual dish for you, no matter how tasty it was not at first eat (or drink), a small portion of listening to the body (especially when it relates to dairy drinks and dishes with lots of spices);
Two. Hot fatty foods (rice, shorpo, manta rays, beshbarmak kuurdak, etc.) in any case can not be washed down with cool drinks, but hot tea! In addition, it is preferable to eat them with vegetables or a light vegetable salads.
Three. Do not try on the first day to eat as many fruits and berries, particularly grapes, peaches, melons and apricots. The only exception is watermelon, which can be consumed in enormous quantities.
4. Finally, the most important piece of advice: if you suddenly are traveling themselves, that is, you do not accept travel agency, try not to eat in the bazaars, or unpresentable in cheap cafes, where there is a chance to find an infection or a stale dish, especially in the hot season. If you do decide to have a meal somewhere, avoid meat and dairy dishes, prefer side dishes (potatoes, buckwheat) and cereal products with no toppings.

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