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Turkmenistan has become an independent state in October, 27, 1991 as a result of collapse of the Soviet Union. It is one of the largest countries in Central Asia with a territory of 491, 200 square kilometers. The population barely makes 6 million, which makes the smallest among its neighbors. The capital city is Ashgabat. The national currency is Turkmen manat. The territory of Turkmenistan is described by the presence of Kopetdagh Mountains with submontane plain, Bolshoi and Malyi Balkhan Mountains, the Ustyurt Plateau, Karakum Desert and Amudarya river valley. During your tour you will visit the Turkmen Grand Canyons called Yangikala, Darwaza gas crater, underground lake of Kowata, Nokhur village and lots of others. Turkmenistan is a country of thoroughbred horses called Akhal Teke. They are known all over the world. Due to the nomadic prehistory Turkmen people have preserved their traditions and carefully pass them to the net generations. Nowadays Turkmenistan is one of the most reserved countries, however, it is open for tourists and welcoming for its guests. We are waiting for you to explore the country with or unique and interesting tours.

Riches of Turkmenistan» Riches of Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is a mysterious country that attracts people from all over the world with its colorful sights, uniqueness, and interesting monuments. On a tour of Turkmenistan, you can learn about the history of antiquity, see places like Ashgabat, visit the Awaza resort, and enjoy the views of the Darvaz gas crater and many other attractions. more »
Turkmenistans outskirts» Turkmenistans outskirts

On a tour of Turkmenistan, you can learn about the country's cultural heritage, see many beautiful places like the white marble capital of Ashgabat, visit ancient Merv, and see other wonderful sights. During the tour, you will learn about the ancient history and customs and traditions of hospitable Turkmenistan. more »
Diverse Turkmenistan» Diverse Turkmenistan

Charming Turkmenistan will show you all its outstanding views, natural landscapes and ancient sights. You can learn about ancient history and marvel at sites such as Ashgabat, explore Mary and admire the fantastic Darwaza. Have a nice vacation! more »
Short tour in Turkmenistan» Short tour in Turkmenistan

Turkmenistan is the most mysterious country in Central Asia. The country fascinates with its mystery and beauty. In the tour of Turkmenistan, you will have a fascinating journey through amazing Ashgabat and fascinating Dashoguz, you will immerse into the historical events and discover the traditions of the country. more »
Father of Caves tour» Father of Caves tour

The beautiful country of Turkmenistan will amaze you with its ancient traditions, beautiful sights and history. The tour will give you the charm of culture and places like Ashgabat white marble capital and fascinating Nokhur village with its unique views. more »
Turkmenistan explored» Turkmenistan explored

Turkmenistan is the most mystical country in Central Asia with its unique nature, beautiful sights, gorgeous views and cultural heritage. Your tour of Turkmenistan will charm you with its beautiful capital Ashgabat; amaze you with village Nokhur, and other many interesting sites. more »
Heritage of Turkmenistan» Heritage of Turkmenistan

In the tour of Turkmenistan, you will have a fascinating journey, positive emotions and beautiful sights. You will be able to enjoy incredible places, like a charming Ashgabat, magic Nochur, magic mountain, Koytendag. Start the tour right now and explore the amazing country! more »
Mysterious land Turkmenistan» Mysterious land Turkmenistan

Beautiful Turkmenistan invites you to an interesting tour of the country's vast expanses, which will show you the ancient history, interesting places like Ashgabat, Kerki, Nokhur and Koytendag, as well as amazing cultural features, hospitality and traditions. more »
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