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Tajikistan is considered as one of the smallest countries in Central Asia. Its territory consists of mountainous system which is known all over the world as Pamir Mountains. The meaning is the “roof of the world”. 9 million people is the estimated population of the country. The state language widely spoken in the country is Tajik, which belongs to the Persian group, the only one among Central Asian countries. Tajikistan is rich in sights of interests to visit during your tours. The major part of the territory is made of mountains and it helps to organizing active tours such as hiking, trekking, and 4WD tours in Tajikistan. The main touristic attractions are the Pamir Highway and the Wakhan corridor which tourists love to visit. Seeing amazing landscapes and meeting local people are possible during your visits to the villages of Murgab, Langar, Yamchun, Iskoshin and Khorog. The northern part of Tajikistan where the Fann and Zerafshan mountains too place are also very picturesque and here you can make a tour, too. You will visit such alpine lakes as Iskanderkul and Hafkul during your tour in Tajikistan. These are the perfect places where you can hike or just relax in the nature. There are a few historical cities of the Great Silk Road such as Khujand, Istaravshan, Sarazm, and Penjakent where you can find the tracks of antiquity. Near Dushanbe one can visit the ancient fortress of Hissor during the historical tour. Tajikistan is great country to visit just by itself or when combined with other countries such as Kyrgyzstan or Uzbekistan. Come to explore the roof of the world with us our exclusive tours!

Adventure to Iskanderkul lake» Adventure to Iskanderkul lake

Tajikistan will give you a great time on the expanses of Tajikistan. You will learn about the culture, history, taste the national cuisine of Tajikistan and enjoy the heavenly mountains of Fann. The tour will begin in Dushanbe, You will explore the Norek Reservoir and fascinate the incredible lake Iskanderkul. more »
Celestial mountains- Pamir» Celestial mountains- Pamir

A tour of Tajikistan will plunge you into the history of the formation of the state, the study of original traditions and customs, cultural heritage. You can find out interesting information about the life of Tajiks and travel to Dushanbe, Khorog, Langar and other places of interest! You will have a wonderful opportunity to have amazing photos. more »
Treasures of Tajikistan» Treasures of Tajikistan

Tajikistan is a unique opportunity to see the charm of mountains, nature, lakes and rivers. You will enjoy the charm of cultural heritage, learn history, learn many details about the Tajiks, and visit the capital Dushanbe, Kalai Khumb, Iskanderkul Lake, Penjakent, Seen lakes. more »
Secrets of ancient Sogdiana» Secrets of ancient Sogdiana

Legendary Sogdiana is an ancient historical region in the center of the Zarafshan valley. Feel the atmosphere of the old and new East, get acquainted with the mentality of the local people-descendants of the proud Sogdians!

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Heart of the Fann Mountains» Heart of the Fann Mountains

We will travel from Dushanbe to Iskanderkul Lake passing places as Hissor and Ramit. On all sides it is surrounded by huge mountains, forming in some places inaccessible cliffs. The turquoise color of the lake water contrasts effectively with the red-brown rocks on the mountain slopes.

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Pearl of Tajikistan» Pearl of Tajikistan

On the territory of Tajikistan, there are more than two thousand lakes. A large number of lakes are located mainly in mountainous areas in the North-West, in the Fann mountains, in the Central and Eastern part of the Republic, in the Pamir region. Let’s begin with Seven Lakes and Iskanderkul Lake.

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Origins of Tajikistan» Origins of Tajikistan

The harsh beauty of the Pamir highlands, monuments of the pre-Muslim era, hidden corners of pristine nature, meeting cultures, high-mountain settlements and the original way of life of mountaineers, delicious cuisine and healing mineral springs - this is what attracts tourists to rest in Tajikistan.

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All the subtleties of the surrounding area» All the subtleties of the surrounding area

Tajikistan is all about mountains, valleys, fortresses. It is going to be detailed tour through stunning landscapes.

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