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Kazakhstan is quite controversial in its culture and lifestyle. You will have a chance to learn it when participating in our tours when you visit grandiose buildings in fast growing cities as well as cozy countryside, national parks with pristine nature and encounter people with thousands years’ traditions. Kazakhstan is considered as the biggest country of Central Asia. It is located in the middle between such countries as Russia, China, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan and one part is washed by the Caspian Sea. The major part of the territory of Kazakhstan has deserts, semi-deserts, but there can also be found tundra, rock canyons, and mountains. Duirng your tours you will be delighted have active leisure at Kolsai and Kaindy, enjoy the fascinating views of Charyn canyons and explore the historical monuments of Turkestan and Otrar cities. Almaty, being one of the largest commercial and cultural centers of Kazakhstan, represents a big historical interest for tours in Kazakhstan. There you will find beautiful parks, bazars, museums and lots of monuments of history of the ancient and medieval times. Everyone will agree that, the outskirts of Almaty are also beautiful and attract thousands of tourists annually. Among them are the lakes Issyk and Big Almaty, Medeu gorge with a skating rink and Shymbulak resort where you can spend a nice active day out during your tours in Kazakhstan. This will give you a chance to learn about the customs and traditions of Kazakh people, explore their way of life connected with nomadic culture and enjoy their great hospitality. Our high recommendations are to combine your tour with other countries in Central Asia and to explore the best of each country.

Star carpet» Star carpet

Kazakhstan is an amazing country, where you can see everything that your heart desires and historical and cultural attractions see modern places and enjoy beautiful nature. Adventures in Kazakhstan will take you only to the most charming places such as Almaty, Kaindy Lake, Charyn Canyon, Issyk and other iconic sites! more »
Kazakhstans gems» Kazakhstans gems

This tour will offer you the best places in Kazakhstan where you will see charming nature, deep history, cultural heritage, and exciting adventures. You can start your tour in Almaty, observe the fascinating Shymkent, and discover the breathtaking Kolsai and other interesting places.  more »
Glorious Nature» Glorious Nature

On a tour of Kazakhstan, you will be able to enjoy the charming nature, culture, original customs and traditions. You can enjoy the ancient history and see the cultural attractions of the country. You will start the tour from Almaty, see the fabulous Altyn Emel, explore the fabulous Kolsai and fascinate the enchanting Charyn Canyon. more »
Historical aspects» Historical aspects

We will investigate Almaty, places as Medeo, Kok Tobe. The main point of our tour is cities Taraz and Shymkent, the oldest parts of Kazakhstan.

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Southern honor of Kazakhstan» Southern honor of Kazakhstan

This is a journey through the land of southern Kazakhstan, where a bright and original culture was created in the fertile oasis of the steppes, at the junction of nomadic and sedentary civilizations, from time immemorial, embodied in historical monuments.

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Tangible city tour» Tangible city tour

Get acquainted with the history of the capital of Kazakhstan, its past and present, unique nature and favorite places of recreation of citizens - all in one tour! The route begins with a sightseeing tour of the сentral part of the city, during which You will get acquainted with the history of the origin and development of the capital of Kazakhstan, its main attractions. You will visit also ethno village and learn traditional things.

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Two capitals of Kazakhstan» Two capitals of Kazakhstan

The route will run through the Northern and southern capitals. You will also visit the great Charyn canyon which will not leave you indifferent thanks its vivid views.

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Nomad culture» Nomad culture

We will visit Nur-Sultan where you will participate in Ethno village. Then there will be city tour in Almaty. In addition we will visit Kolsai lakes. Kolsay lakes are considered to be one of the most beautiful places in the world. nature in these places is worthy of everyone's attention: here mountain peaks, clear blue waters and incredibly beautiful forests harmoniously coexist. Amazing landscapes that make up the most beautiful landscapes can delight and delight. In addition, on the way, everyone can get acquainted with the centuries-old history of this region, as well as visit numerous monuments, thereby learning the heritage of these places.

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