Central Asia Tours

If you ever dreamt of make a fantastic travel to Central Asia, it is the right time to do it. Our company organizes tours of different categories, length and complexes in Central Asia. If you are in love with nature and want to explore more nomadic culture, then you should join the tours in Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan. If you like off beaten tracks and underrated destination, then pay a visit to Turkmenistan and if you adore architecture and interested in history then join our sightseeing tours to Uzbekistan. Each country will explore you its most precious sites during your travelling. Here are the list of tours among which you can choose the most interesting ones:

» Kyrgyzstan tours

Kyrgyzstan toursIf you adore traveling in underrated destinations like Central Asia, then Kyrgyzstan is the best part of it to start exploring the region. There are many places in Kyrgyzstan which must be included in your tours in order to feel the local life and enjoy amazing landscapes. The main highlight of the country is the lake Issyk Kul which is considered as the largest lake in Central Asia. The other must visit during your tour in Kyrgyzstan is the lake Son Kul where you can meet nomads, sleep in yurts, ride horses and experience authentic life. Kyrgyzstan is a perfect place for trekking, hiking and cultural tours. Below is the main list of varied tours in Kyrgyzstan.
» Kazakhstan tours

Kazakhstan toursWelcome to Kazakhstan, to the land of steppe nomads and endless magic of the orient. In our collection of tours we gathered the most popular routes, sites and cultural monuments which enrich your knowledge, present a unique travel experience and kaleidoscope of emotions. You will visit historical cities of Shymkent, Taraz, Otrar, Almaty, Nur-Sultan, hike in Charyn canyons, Kolsai, Kaindy lakes, read the ancient inscriptions at Tamgaly Tas and listen to the mysterious melodies of singing dunes at Altyn Emel national park. Have a look at our most popular tours and let us know your opinion.
» Tajikistan tours

Tajikistan toursWe want to welcome you in Tajikistan, land of Pamir Mountains with exceptional landscape and amazing culture. Nowadays, Tajikistan is attracting more and more people from different parts of the world. During your tour along Pamir you are going to visit amazing alpine lakes with rich flora and fauna, beautiful small villages where meeting locals you will learn a lot about their traditions and customs. You will visit historical sites and ruins of ancient worlds such as Sarazm, Penjakent, Khujand cities and lots of others. Come to Tajikistan and explore its best.
» Turkmenistan tours

Turkmenistan toursWe want to introduce you our tours in Turkmenistan which you can choose as your next travel destination. We will be happy to provide you high level services when you travel along the most popular sites of the country. We collected the most famous tour routes which you might like include the major sites to visit such as Ashgabat, Darwaza, Mary, Kunya Urgencha and others. If you have your own ideas about ideal tours, you must share with us. In order to organize a great tour, we need some details of what you prefer.
» Uzbekistan tours

Uzbekistan toursIf you long dreamt about visiting Uzbekistan, the best time is in spring and autumn. It is very comfortable to travel in Uzbekistan during that period of time. In spring there are some festivals that are accompanied with a big variety of cultural events which you should not miss during the tours. We have prepared a list of the most popular itineraries in Uzbekistan which you can follow. According to your wishes, we can adopt these tours.
» Silk Road Tours

Silk Road ToursSilk Road is one of the desired tourist destinations that are gaining popularity nowadays. The countries such as Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan served key places along this ancient road of trade. Different trails of this legendary network passed through these countries, leaving indelible tracks in their history and culture. Our company offers a row of tours along the Silk Road countries. Here is the example of how and what order you can travel along the Silk Road. We can combine in our tours any of the countries you prefer, making logistics and all the correct planning and arrangements. Please, check our tours below and let us know your ideas and suggestions.